Sunday, January 8, 2012

Mark as photography teacher and miscellaneous

Parking violation? The man in the picture is the little man's padrino (which is similar to a godfather). In Bolivia, people are assigned to be godparents of various things like for example, you can be the godmother of someone's wedding dress or wedding cake. In this instance, he was the godfather responsible for the little man's gift for King's Day which is on January 6th.
An explosives company called Maxam invited all the kids to a celebration of King's Day (celebrating the Wise Men.... most kids receive a gift on King's Day) and while we didn't see any explosives, we did get to see some clowns. Only 2 out of 33 kids freaked out when the clowns came out. Not too bad.
We climbed up to Parque Tunari one day. This is the view right as we entered the park.
View of Cochabamba. To the left you can see the Statue of Cristo that overlooks the city.
Mark teaching a photography class. They learned about different perspectives and spent some time practicing. They thought they could fix his hair while they waited for their pictures to be downloaded for viewing. Most of the kids think he looks like Leonardo DiCaprio.
Mark taught them how to take action shots.

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