Thursday, February 9, 2012

Third anniversary, end of summer vacation, and miscellaneous.

Celebrating our 3rd anniversary by riding the cable car up to the statue of el Cristo de la Concordia which is the biggest statue of Jesus in the world and the largest statue in the Southern Hemisphere (according to Wikipedia anyway and I think they count the pedestal which kind of seems like cheating.....)
Cable Car with a view of Cochabamba below.

Around the corner from our house. I just love these flowers and for that reason, this photo gets to be on our blog today :)
The two chaps on the left had just finished their 3rd day of school while the two on the right had just completed their first day of pre-kindergarten. Their teacher is the lovely lady behind them. They were so excited to go to school!
Getting back from school. Do they look like pre-med students to anyone else?
Aren't you a little young for geometry?

Tio Marco racing the autos with the boys at Pedacito del Cielo. They love their "autos" as they call them.

Today is the 9th and in a few days we hope to be on a bus to Oruro (famous for it's Carnaval) and then hopefully a train (if there are no seems there have been some peaceful strikes that hold up the tracks occasionally) to Uyuni where we can get a glimpse of the famous Bolivian Salt Flats. From there we will cross the border to Chile and take a bus to Santiago where we will begin looking for jobs, apartments, etc... Mark gets the opportunity to take a NOLS course in Patagonia for the first two weeks of March and then we look forward to hunkering down in Santiago perhaps until the end of 2012. This is all, of course, subject to change and we would appreciate any prayers, advice, emails, phone calls, etc... We look forward to seeing you and/or hearing from you. Dios se bendiga!

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