Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Getting from Bolivia to Chile via the Salar de Uyuni and a couple deserts (left Cochabamba on the 13th and arrive in San Pedro de Atacama on the 17th)

Just outside of San Pedro de Atacama, Chile. Still can't figure out how to put these blog pics in chronological order. Hey Madeleine, wish you and Pete could have been with us :)
The Bolivian immigration office as we switched transports on the Bolivan/Chilean border. Not a bad place to work an office job I guess.
Mark standing in front of the Laguna Verde right before we cross the border.
Becky and Andres and Mark in the distance. We're waiting for our driver to fix our broken down jeep (which never got fixed by the way. They towed us back to the closest town using a seatbelt. Good times.) The driver got another jeep and continued on.
Mark doing what he does best.
Getting ready to leave Uyuni, Bolivia. A lot of tourists actually get to Chile this way. There are a lot of places that offer a similar trip. We got placed in a jeep with 4 other people and a driver. Our companions were from Argentina, Bolivia, and Chile! Andres, Diego, Romy, and Lucila.
The Valley of Rocks (I think that's what it's called anyways.)
This picture looks fake, doesn't it? But Mark didn't photoshop it I promise. This is the Salt Flat outside of Uyuni, Bolivia. In the rainy season, instead of seeing the ground all white and salty, it's covered by water so it provides a mirror image of the horizon. It felt like we were walking on clouds.
Not us but we were also in a jeep. Our driver was a bit too cranky to let us ride on the top.
Becky standing on some salt pile. These piles are not man-made.


  1. Oooo-eee. Thanks for putting up these pictures! Y'all have had some pretty incredible scenery to enjoy on your journeys!

  2. What a journey, what scenery, what a pair! What photos! Good luck, blessings in this new phase. Still miss you guys :(

  3. wow those pics are so awesome! that salt pile blew my mind.
    lil says you look all normal but then you go and have an awesome adventure and totally mess with us. does that make sense?
    love you guys