Sunday, March 4, 2012

Our Santiago apartment.

Our street. We live in a section of town very close to the Center called Providencia.
The entrance to our apartment. Where Becky is standing, there is usually a tall white door that is shut so from the street, you can't even tell there is an apartment back there. It's like our very own secret garden.
Grapes. They're edible and they're growing in the entrance to our apartment.
Mark is standing with his back to our kitchen so this is the view looking out towards the door that leads to the street. We eat all of our meals out here and we hang our laundry here as well.
Living room. We did not pick the furniture or wall hangings. They were all there when we arrived. There they'll stay until we can find something better.

Our bedroom. Gotta love the moon and stars decorating tastes. Our one addition to this room is the Bolivian cloth over the table. Not sure if it matches but oh well.


  1. Glad you are both are here. I mean both.

  2. Nice place. Grapes at the entrance must surely be a sign of blessing - plus living near Providencia! :)