Tuesday, November 22, 2011

150 miles to Santiago! 2 more days until Thanksgiving.....

Dear friends and family, Tomorrow we come to the Cruz de Ferro where traditionally pilgrims leave a small stone at the foot of a cross. Mark and I have both been carrying our collective stones for 23 days now and are looking forward to leaving them. We´ll be at 1505 meters altitude which will mark the highest altitude of the entire trip and still we have no snow. We are fortunate to have had such great weather and although it´s a bit cold, we have plenty of clothing and feel very little discomfort throughout the day.
We have about 10 more days until we reach Santiago! Seguimos caminando. (We keep walking.)
Today, we read Hebrews 11 and thought about all the pilgrims who have journeyed for one reason or another. We wish you all a ¨buen camino¨on the journeys in which you find yourselves.

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  1. Woow. Cruz de Ferro is a great moment at Camino!!! Santiago is near! Mark, Becky, hugs for all also Brend, Eamonn, Atilio and the rest pilgrims.

    :D :)

    Mallorca's Family.