Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Written from Belorado.....more photos from Days 8 through 10 to come soon.

Hi friends and family, We´re in Belorado after 10 days of walking. The weather is slowly getting colder but we are finding that it is very comfortable walking weather. It has only rained a little in the last few days so we´re grateful. I wanted to write a little note about the great people we get to walk with ever day.
There is Eammon the Irish priest who says beautiful blessings and brings to mind Scripture passages throughout our conversations. Psalm 139 was the one we spoke of today. We had been walking with Harold who is 80 years old and has walked the Camino 7 times. There is Christine, the energetic speed walker from Switzerland. She plans to walk 40 kilometers tomorrow. Alfred, the Scottsman and Claudine the French woman also provide good company. Pedro, the Spanish policeman and Atilio, the traveling Italian provide us much entertainment with their laughter and language lessons. Brend has walked with us for the last three days and his quiet wisdom and dry sense of humor keeps us struggling to stay upright because we are laughing so hard. The family from Mallorca.....Julio, Sergio, Julian, Pakita, Rosie, and Benancio are so hospitable and generous and also add much to the quality of our evenings. While we walk mostly separately during the day, in the evenings, we often stay in the same albergue. It´s great to know that we will be reunited with friends at the end of a long day of walking.
We think of many of our friends and family throughout the day and we hope you know how much we love you and pray for you when you come to mind.
Buen camino!

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