Friday, November 4, 2011

At the end of Day 5.... more photos to come soon...

Dear friends and family, A couple things...... Mark is taking most of these photos with his cheapest camera so that´s why they´re not as professional as you´re used to :) Also I´m taking some of them (this is Becky by the way). We are spending the days walking and talking with the various people who are also on the Camino. We are sleeping, eating, and living well. Spain is every bit as wonderful as I remembered and Mark loves it as I had hoped he would. We have been staying dry..... most of the time and when it rains, it only makes the sunshine that much more beautiful. The weather is perfect for walking and we find that we are comfortable in the clothing we brought along. We do an average of 15 miles a day which takes us about 7 or 8 hours because we end up stopping a lot to take pictures or eat chorizo or chat with various people we meet along the way. We have sore feet, ankles, knees, etc... but it is getting better each day.
Please send us messages as we love to hear from home....... 4321mark at gmail dotcom and/or beckyteiwes1 at gmail dot com or 917 300 9120
I´ll leave you with a Spanish toast that our Canadian friend Harold says all the time ¨Salud, Amor y Pesetas y el tiempo para disfrutarlos.¨ Translation...... Something along the lines of ¨I wish you health, love, and wealth, and the time to enjoy all three!¨
Becky (written on Friday, November 4th from an albergue in Estella......... about 75 miles from where we started walking in St. Jean Pied de Port).

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  1. Arriba! Debajo! Al centro! Y mas fuerza al canut! jajaja Did he teach you that one??