Sunday, November 13, 2011

It´s been 2 weeks! We´ve walked over 200 miles.

We´re in Castrojeriz tonight at the end of Day 14.  Today was Sunday and we were blessed today to go to church with some fellow pilgrims in a town called Hontanas.  As we walked into town, Bilal from Germany stopped us and told us he had a message from Father Eamonn.  Eamonn had asked the local priest if he could lead a service for the pilgrims in english and the Spanish priest kindly obliged.  There we sat, Judit from Hungary, Matan from Israel, Brend from Holland, Bilal from Germany, and me and Mark from Bostonia;  all of us from different faith traditions.  We sat together and watched as Eamonn prayed a blessing over all of us and Mark did the reading from Proverbs which just happened to be about a good wife!  I think God is trying to tell him something. :)  My reading was from Thessalonians about being sons (and daughters) of light.  The Gospel reading for the day was the parable of the talents.  We were able to worship together and it was a beautiful time together.
Many of our friends we met at the beginning have left the Camino to go back to work so we find that we are making new friends every day even as we feel sad that we cannot be with those who have left.  As Mark likes to keep saying ¨It´s all part of the Camino.¨

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