Friday, December 23, 2011

The kids!

(For the children's privacy, we won't be posting their real names on this blog or in any e-mails. If you're looking for sponsorship ideas or if you're curious about the organization in general, you can click on the website below:

One of the young boys has a national sponsor and she organized a visit from her company to bring all 34 kids Christmas gifts. They all got new towels, socks, a set of clothes, and some goodies. The kids are sitting on the steps of the boys home which is called Pedacitos del Cielo (Little Pieces of Heaven).

Watching a movie.

This child loves Tio Marco (i.e. Mark). When Becky (Tia Rebecca) kicked him the soccer ball, he quickly replied that Mark does it better. Cheeky, huh?

The little boys all have their own water bottles which they faithfully carry around when they go on their outings. Even the 2 year-olds know they have to hang on to their water bottle.

So far it's been fun to get to know each of their 34 names and after only a week, they have all made us feel very welcome. It's been great for the two of us to be able to work together and to work with kids as both of us have had much more experience working with adults and/or teenagers.

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