Sunday, December 18, 2011

We made it to Cochabamba! More pictures to come soon......

We´ll post some pictures soon but for now we just wanted to let y´all know that we arrived safe and sound in Cochabamba. Our luggage arrived too. This is the first time I (this is Becky writing) have checked bags since Air Pacific lost all my favorite personal belongings back in 2002 so at all of our four stops, I expected to have to say goodbye to our stuff. Ha. We missed our connection from Santiago, Chile to La Paz, Bolivia so Iberia put us up at the Hilton for two nights. Pretty sweet! During our unexpected layover in Santiago, we took a bicycle tour with Peter Murphy´s (some of you may know him from Gordon College) company La Bicicleta Verde ( It was a great introduction to a city that we hope to get more acquainted with after our time in Cochabamba.
We arrived in Bolivia on the 16th and had a 7 hour layover in La Paz. The man in front of us in line at the airport was covered in ice and when we looked outside, there was hail pouring out of the sky. The airport in La Paz is the highest airport in the world and we did feel a little light-headed walking around and up the stairs. We arrived in Cochabamba just after midnight and stayed at one of the guest houses of Sustainable Bolivia (this is the organization taking care of our housing, transportation, etc...). Yesterday we met our host family and we are now unpacked and ready to spend about 7 weeks here in the same place. After staying in places for one night at a time for the last few months, it is really great to unpack and have a closet and a dresser again. Our host family is so friendly and have made us feel right at home. Esperanza is the lady of the house and she has two daughters, one son, a nephew, and a granddaughter who are all living here with her. The house is more than big enough for all of us and we have our own room and we share a bathroom with one of the daughters. Laura, the granddaughter´s favorite TV show is Curious George which makes me think we´re going to get along just fine.
Okay, more to come soon. It´s hard to believe Christmas is next week. We love you and are thinking of you.

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