Tuesday, December 13, 2011

More from Seville......

This is the school Becky attended back in 2000. It´s doubled in size but still has a lot of the same teachers like all the Josés, Grillo, Sánchez, and Delgado. Remember them Kerisa, Rachel, Bryce, Will, and Angeli?

Still wearing our Camino clothes yes but we´re in the Courtyard at the Cathedral of Seville, where Christopher Columbus is buried.

Hyesook and Becky eating churros con chocolate en la Plaza de Encarnación in Seville. Hyesook also finished the Camino on December 2nd and we convinced her to visit Seville too. We spent a few evenings having some tapas with her and now she´s on her way to see Cádiz and Barcelona.

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