Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Trip to Muxia and Final Farewell to Camino Amigos!

Alfred, Mark, Maryka, Brend, Colonel, Pierre, Kathrin, and Becky... our last minutes with Camino friends in the square in front of the Cathedral.

Kathrin, Alfred, Bilal, Becky, and Brend.

Hello Pulpo! All these restaurants had their raw meat on display in glass windows.

Becky and Mark in Muxia. Some pilgrims walk to Finisterre and then to Muxia or vice versa but we took the bus instead and spent the time there with Eamonn. This is the scene at the end of the movie The Way.

Eamonn and Mark in Muxia.

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  1. love the snaps of muxia. praying for you guys, what a grand journey! -rachel